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Resoled offers a suite of cutting-edge tools and services designed to revolutionize your buying and selling experience in the sneaker world.

Resoled Now

Get your hands on the hottest sneakers faster than ever before. With Resoled Now, enjoy next-day delivery on a wide range of sneakers under our Basic subscription. Premium subscribers can indulge in same-day delivery for purchases over £300, while Elite subscribers enjoy same-day delivery on all purchases.

Resoled Markets Discord

Our advanced Discord tool is a game-changer for reseller-to-reseller transactions. Automating the matching process between buyers and sellers, it makes it easier than ever to navigate the resale market. Basic subscribers can gain access to the Resoled Markets Discord for a discounted monthly fee, while Premium and Elite subscribers enjoy free access, with Elite subscribers benefiting from premium features such as priority notifications.

Resoled Verified

Purchase with confidence. Every product sold on Resoled is authenticated through our AI-driven authentication system, Resoled Verified. We are proud to be the first in the UK resale market to offer a 100% financial guarantee on all products authenticated by Resoled Verified. With this state-of-the-art system, you can buy and sell sneakers with absolute peace of mind, knowing that all transactions are protected by our stringent authentication process.

Resoled Markets

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Connect with Verified Resellers instantly on our live-bid marketplace. Resoled Markets offers real-time matching between buyers and sellers, delivering a seamless and efficient trading experience. Available on the Resoled App - download today to join the marketplace that never sleeps.

Resoled Trust Mark

Raise the bar with our Resoled Trust Mark. All our Premium and Elite subscribers are entitled to apply for the Resoled Trust Mark - a mark of authenticity and trust that all your inventory has been verified by Resoled Verified. Not only does the Trust Mark signify the authenticity of your products, but it also adds you to our Trust Database, signalling your commitment to authenticity to all audiences who check it. Amplify your reputation and win your customers' trust with the Resoled Trust Mark.

Resoled Rare

Uncover rare gems in the sneaker world with Resoled Rare. Exclusively available to our Elite subscribers, Resoled Rare gives you access to an elite selection of sought-after sneakers, delivering those rare finds directly to you.

Each of our unique services is designed to streamline and enhance your experience in the sneaker resale market. Choose the right subscription for your needs and start revolutionizing your sneaker journey today!

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